Membership is open to all individuals and organisations working to support those affected by PKD.
The number of members is unlimited.

PKD International Patient Groups

  • South Korea - PKD South Korea
  • SpainAIRG
    Contact person: Maria Carmen Caballero
  • Sweden - Njurförbundet (Swedish Kidney Foundation)
    Contact person: Håkan Hedman
  • SwitzerlandPKD Switzerland
    Contact person: Daniel Muntwyler
  • United KingdomPKD Charity
    Contact person: Tess Harris
  • United StatesPKD Foundation
    Contact person: Nicole Harr

The assembly of Members includes:

Full members

Full members must be legally constituted as non-profit patient groups or established as subsidiaries of legally constituted non-profit organisations established to provide patient support. Only full members have voting rights.

Honorary members

Honorary members are individuals or legal entities who have been granted membership in recognition of their special achievements within the field of PKD. Honorary

Associate members

Associate members are individuals or legal entities who promote and support PKD International, because of their expertise, knowledge or resources. Associated members have no voting rights.

The Executive Board will decide on the election of members.