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About Us

PKD International is a global network of patient organisations created to fight all forms of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

PKD International is a non-profit, non-governmental association which carries out its activities internationally. The registered office is Route de la Galaise 11B, Suisse. Its location may be moved to such other place as decided by the Executive Board. Further offices may be established.

The purpose of PKD International is to enhance the lives of those it affects worldwide.

Note: PKD International does not support individual patients and families. That is done within the national organizations.

Articles of association of PKD International, April 7, 2011

Mission statement

PKD International will achieve its purpose through the following activities:

  • Supporting open communication and exchange of ideas between doctors, researchers, other health professionals, and patients
  • Promotion and facilitation of relevant educational programmes
  • Promotion of research into PKD
  • Encouraging patient involvement in global research
  • Facilitating collaborative fundraising
  • Supporting the creation and development of local PKD patient groups
  • Communicating and lobbying international governments and other relevant organisations to promote the interests of people with PKD
  • Co-operation with other related non-profits, charities, voluntary and statutory bodies.


The international PKD community was initiated by the PKD Foundation in 2007. The idea was to unite the national patient groups who already fund and organize very successful activities (patient support, research, conferences, awareness …) in their home countries.

In 2009, a working group set up the guidelines for an international patient organization and during the International ERA-EDTA (worldwide meeting of nephrologists) in Munich 2010 a strategic plan was worked out.

In April 2011, PKD patients groups from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK met in Geneva to establish PKD International in Geneva and were joined the same day by the PKD Foundation and PKD Canada.

Sources of funding

The main sources of income of PKD International are voluntary donations from individuals, businesses, associations and foundations. We are deeply grateful to all the individuals and families who raise money and provide voluntary help.

Pharmaceutical companies make unrestricted donations to support the activities of PKD International. They have no control over the structure, content or results of these activities. PKD International does not endorse pharmaceutical company products.

Flavia Galletti

Board Member

Frank Servais


Corinne Lagrafeuil

Vice President

Tess Harris

President - Tess is the CEO of the PKD Charity UK