ADPKD Controversies Conference Report published

The report from the 2014 KDIGO Controversies Conference on ADPKD has been published.

The Conference was held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom on January 17-19, 2014.  Drs. Vicente E. Torres (Mayo Clinic, USA) and Olivier Devuyst (University of Zurich, Switzerland) co-chaired this conference.

The objective of this conference was to assess the current state of knowledge related to the evaluation, management and treatment of ADPKD, to summarize the outstanding knowledge gaps, and to propose a research agenda to resolve standing controversial issues.

We hope that the next step will be to develop a global guideline on ADPKD and help to harmonize and standardize the care of ADPKD patients worldwide.

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Conference Overview & Objectives

Presenters: Olivier Devuyst & Vicente Torres (Conference Co-Chairs)

Evolution of Imaging-­Based Diagnosis

Presenter: York Pei

Present & Future Role of Molecular Genetic Diagnostics

Presenter: Peter Harris

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Childhood Diagnostic Evaluation

Presenter: Carsten Bergmann

Patient Perspective: Counseling & Diagnostic Implications

Presenter: Dwight Odland

What Endpoints Should Be Used in Clinical Trials for ADPKD?

Presenter: Arlene Chapman

Innovations in Evaluation & Management of Renal Complications in ADPKD

Presenter: Shigeo Horie

Unique Features of Hypertension in ADPKD

Presenter: Robert Schrier

Are Prevention of Decline in Renal Function & Cardiovascular Complications Interconnected in ADPKD?

Presenter: Tevfik Ecder

Patient Perspective: Dietary Management, Lifestyle Adaptations, Psychological & Social Support

Presenter: Tess Harris

Living Donor Evaluation, Unique Aspects of the Evaluation, and Management of ADPKD Transplant Recipients

Presenter: Klemens Budde

Choice of Modality & Management of Dialysis in ADPKD Patients

Presenter: Ahsan Alam

Evaluation & Management of Polycystic Liver Disease

Presenter: Joost Drenth

Screening & Management of Intracranial Aneurysms and Other Cardiovascular Associations

Presenter: Yves Pirson

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