European ADPKD Patient Summit in Brussels

Announcing the European ADPKD Patient Summit Brussels, Belgium – 15 & 16 March 2019.

Only 15 seats left for ADPKD patients, carers and advocates. REGISTER HERE!

PKD International and the European ADPKD Forum (EAF) are pleased to announce the 1st European ADPKD Patient Summit, to be held in Brussels on 15–16 March 2019. This unique event is designed to promote patient-centred care by providing an interactive forum for patients and experts to discuss ADPKD care, research and advocacy.

The Summit aims to help, inform and empower patients and families to:

  • be fully involved in the management of their own health
  • talk about ADPKD with their healthcare team and participate in making decisions about their care
  • make the best use of available services
  • learn about ADPKD research and boost ADPKD advocacy.

The programme – co-designed and co-delivered by patients and experts from across Europe – is based on the EAF/PKD International ADPKD Patient Route Map and the EAF Multidisciplinary Position Statement on ADPKD Care. View a draft of the programme here.

Sessions will cover topics spanning the lifetime care pathway for ADPKD, including self-care and risk reduction, predicting the progress of ADPKD, liver cysts and pain, genetics, and dialysis and transplantation. There are also sessions on current research and patient advocacy in ADPKD, and on industry perspectives.

The Summit starts with dinner on Friday 15 March and ends on 16 March. We still have 15 places available for ADPKD patients, carers and advocates. All costs of attendance (travel, hotel and meals) are covered.

You can express your interest in attending by registering here. The Summit Committee will get back to you with a response asap, subject to the number of places still available.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new venture in ADPKD.

Tess Harris, President of PKD International, London (EAF co-chair)
Dr Richard Sandford, Academic Department of Medical Genetics, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, UK (EAF co-chair) 

The Summit has been made possible by sponsorship from Baxter, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd, Palladio Biosciences and Sanofi Genzyme.

Baxter Website
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Website
Palladio Biosciences Website
Sanofi Genzyme Website

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